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Who We Serve

We are committed to the talented, passionate, imaginative, and persistent women pioneers among us. From the intrepid entrepreneurs, business leaders, realtors, medical professionals, and entertainment executives, to the expats and digital nomads. If you are on the leading-edge, we are here to help you manage the mental challenges associated with business ownership and professional leadership.

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How We Serve

Our mission at CEO MOTIONS CONSULTING is to guide and offer women leaders wellness techniques from start-up to success.

In individual, group and online sessions we offer the following services:

Wellness Assessment
Wellness Advising
Wellness Accountability
Stress Reduction Techniques
Strength Development
Professional Development Techniques
Life Transition Skills
Isolation Coping Skills

Focus Areas:

High Stress
Professional Development
Mental Wellness
Challenging Life Transitions
Healthy Boundaries

In these sessions, we will L.E.A.D you to balance by LISTENING, EMPOWERING, ADVOCATING, and DISCOVERING.

We L.E.A.D so that you lead well!

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Leslie M. Garcia, LCSW, CASWCM


Hello! I am a Wellness Advisor with over fifteen years of experience in the field. Four years ago, I decided to open my first counseling business, and with my stubborn conviction, I channeled all my energy and hours into evolving and building my practice. The entrepreneurial stress that I experienced soon after was a tremendous wake-up call. However, just as I would encourage my clients, I embraced this new challenge and directed my focus to my well-being so that I could better serve as a resource to women in the same position.

I no longer desired to just limit my service to those with a diagnosed mental illness but expanded my vision to reach a diverse group of women both nationally and internationally. Brilliant women who struggled, behind the scenes, with the mental challenges associated with business ownership and professional leadership.

My question to you is: Why wait until these mental challenges develop into a diagnosable mental condition?





At CEO MOTIONS CONSULTING, I hold a space where you can share your struggles with chronic stress, self-doubt, exhaustion and isolation without shame. Owning a business, managing large projects, or making major corporate decisions daily is no easy task. I am here to support you so that we can avoid the anticipated physical and mental burnout together. 

My carefully curated Wealth Mindset and Wellness Solutions are tailored to the professional woman seeking purpose before profit and wishing to add balance to her work and home life. Through the triple “A” process of Assessing, Advising and Accountability, I encourage and empower women like you to be proactive about their well-being and live more passionate and fulfilling lives.

Are you ready to take and keep control of your life while building your empire?

Add a personal wellness advisor to your team and rest in the knowledge that there is a team member dedicated to your health as much as the health of your business!

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