NYC Meetups

NYC Meetups

The Wellness Boardroom Meetup is a monthly event held at a women owned business, where we come together to talk about wellness and the importance of self-care. This first wellness meetup was held at Pondicheri, an Indian cuisine restaurant in Manhattan. There were women professionals from all walks of life in this space that contributed to the conversation while we dined on great food and drinks.


Our topic was learning how to embrace gratitude during the entrepreneurial journey. We discussed how embracing  the smallest moments in our lives can manifest bigger ones. This diverse group of professional women also got a chance to network with one another and connect to create a great safe space for each other.


The overall vision I have for the Wellness Boardroom is to create a space for women professionals to talk about wellness and explore different ways they can create their personalized self-care. My goal is to have these amazing gatherings hosted at women-owned venues across New York City as well as highlight women owned start-ups. If you want to nominate venues to highlight or know of any women owned venues in New York City, please email me here If you would like to be a Wellness Boardroom member and come to the next Wellness Boardroom click the below link. Our next Wellness Boardroom will be September 12 at Pondicheri again at 6pm, hope to see you there!