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Q: What is wellness? 

Wellness is an active approach to maintaining your well-being. There are 8 dimensions to wellness. Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Professional, Social, Spiritual, Financial, and Environmental. At CEO Motions Consulting, we assist you in aligning all 8 dimensions!

Q: How can a Wellness Advisor help me? 

Our Wellness Advisor will adopt a proactive role in helping you balance the different dimensions in wellness. We will identify issues in your life that can lead to chronic stress and mental illness, collaborate with you in working on your personal and professional goals, and offer strategies that will help you beat mental stress.

Q: Do you offer therapy? 

No. The founder is a licensed mental health professional who is also the founder of Counseling Space, P.C., which offers therapy. As a devoted wellness advocate, she launched CEO Motions for women business owners and professional leaders who suspect that work-related stresses might put them at risk of a mental health diagnosis and want to take immediate and preventative action before it leads to this point. For therapy services, you may visit our Counseling Space site.


Q: What are the types of services offered?

We offer individual and group sessions

Q: Can I receive your services while studying or working abroad?

Yes. We offer telephone and video sessions.

Q: What are the benefits to hiring a wellness advisor?

Following is just a brief list of the benefits:

Better quality of life
Stress Management
Stress Reduction
Mental illness prevention
Increased productivity
Enhanced overall wellness
Lower healthcare costs

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