Mastering Mental Health Masterclass

Mastering Mental Health Masterclass


At CEO MOTIONS, we ask the question that everyone is silent about: Who is focused on the mental wellness of our women business leaders and CEOs?

Alarmingly, the answer is: not many. 

Little exposure has been given to the other side of successful entrepreneurship and professional leadership amongst women: the poor social and physical health, as well as diminished mental wellness that often arises. With a high percentage of our women leaders quoting time management and work-life balance as a significant challenge, we recognized that there was an unfilled need for their emotional and wellness support.

In this hour long masterclass you’ll learn:

  • What is mental health?

  • What are the common causes of mental illness

  • The relationship between entrepreneurs and mental health

  • The difference between stress and depression

  • Proactive strategies for managing stress and anxiety and so much more!


I’m ready to take the next step

“I’m ten minutes into this webinar and I’m ready to take the next step” -S. Robinson

This was an amazing session

“This was an amazing session today offered by @bodyessencebydionne and @counselingspace. Thank you all for all that you offered today, it really helped.” -V.Chapple

Thank you for today’s webinar

“Thank you for today’s webinar, it was informative” -A.C. Taylor

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